The Best Time To Exercise Your Body and Have Sex.


Did you know that the body has its own biological rhythm? It is called the Circadian Cycle and it determines our sleep patterns, diet, hormonal activity, cell regeneration and all brain activity. Therefore there are specific times when the body is more prepared for some activities.

The following are some tips shared byDr. Samuel Garcia “Gatorade Sports Science Institute, about the times of the day in which you can use this cycle to your advantage to perform specific activities better.

Circadian Cycle Performance by an average body:


2:00 a.m.: Deep sleep

4:30 a.m.: The body goes into the lowest body temperature. It experiences cold.

6:00 a.m.: The blood pressure rises. It is the best time to wake up!

6:45 a.m.: The body stops producing Melatonin (hormone that produces sleep).

8:30 a.m.: Bowel movements start.


9:00 a.m.: Maximum secretion of testosterone. This means that your level of sexual desire increases and your body is ready to have sex.

10:00 am: The body is on high alert.

12:30 pm: The best time to perform tasks that require concentration.

3:30 pm: High speed response.


5:00 pm: The best time to exercise. Your body has better cardiovascular endurance.

6:00 pm: Maximum Muscular strength. What about this time to start with your weight training?

7:00 pm: High body temperature. Last time you should start physical activity.

9:00 pm: The body starts to produce melatonin.

10:00 pm: Bowel movement ends. Good time for dinner and if possible, eat something light.

10:30 pm: Removal of bowel movements.


8:30 a.m.: Bowel movements start.

 From the above we can conclude that:

– The best time to have sex is at am, because at this time the body produces high levels of hormones in men. Also it’s been demonstrated (GSSI) that at this time women are.

– The best time to sleep so your body can recover properly is between 10 pm to 6 am.

– It is important that if you train or have physical activity, to have an established schedule.

– Best time for sports is between 5pm to 7pm.

– Sleeping less than 6 hours a day, completely alters your body and your mood.

Follow these tips and keep a healthy lifestyle. Remember that your physical and sexual performance depends on you to take care of your health.