Good Music And Good Sex



In several articles we have talked about the importance of using creativity and other elements to make sexual encounters unforgettable moments. This time we will talk about the relationship and synchronicity that we can have with your partner and your musical taste that can help lead to better sex.

Many people tend to empathize with their partners when they share the same musical taste and on occasion include the engaging element of music to supercharge their sexual experiences. This was studied by music psychologist Daniel Müllensiefen, the results were very exhilarating.  According to the results of one of his studies, over 40% of those who participated in the experiment of listening to music while practicing sex admit that this element increased sensory sex.

Sexual encounters involving rhythmic acts like music, where cycles of rising and falling excitation are presented, increase participation and enthusiasm.

Research done by Dr. Müllensiefen, which he called “Science Behind the song,” combined general information about cultural concepts and what neurological effects appear as selected by the genre of music at the time of sex.  Some of these conclusions were as follows:


Rock – Metal:

Including the rock music genre during a sexual encounter is very similar to the intoxicating effect of alcohol. It is related to stronger sex lovers and showed there was a greater production of testosterone in Male subjects and increased sex drive significantly.



The effects of this genre help harmonize contact with the couple.  The feeling that occurs in the brain is similar to that which we experience when we eat sweets, chocolates, candies.


Classical Music:

Classical music is ideal to enjoy leisurely sex and is shown that sex lasts longer and is usually perfect for those who like to emphasize foreplay with their partners. The music of the composer Tchaikovsky was one of the preferred classical artists and was chosen often to accompany sex.


Blues and Jazz:

The results found that these two genres favor sex because they produce sensory tranquility, sensuality and eroticism.  Promoting sexual feelings, sex drive,  increased desire and trust management.


Electronic Music:

This type of music stimulates the body to produce energy discharge, which provides a sense of hyperactivity and was associated with rapid and replete sexual encounters.


Moreover the song chosen as the best for sex was “Time of my Life” theme of the movie “Dirty Dancing” in 1987, among others on the list are: “Sex on Fire” by Kings Of Leon, ” 1812 Overture “ by composer Tchaikovsky, the “Star Wars Soundtrack” any of the movies and “Grease” from    “Grease soundtrack “.

Maybe we surprised some results of this study, but the Doctor Müllensiefen says many of elections are because most people associate songs with romantic symbolism and sexuality which makes them cultural references.


What would be your song or your favorite genre when having sex? Leave your comment !!