Spice Up your Thanksgiving Dinner with 5 Simple Ingredients

Thanksgiving is associated with family, friends and fattening delicious food. That’s why you may be surprised about the other benefits Thanksgiving dinner can bring to your relationship by using the right ingredients to take the feast to a higher level.

There are 5 ingredients that can spice up your Thanksgiving food in order to have a memorable celebration for you and your partner:

1. Almonds


Almonds are great snacks that can be included in your Thanksgiving dinner, they are well known libido boosters and sexual enhancers. Almonds contain L-Arginine, an amino acid that improves blood flowcreating harder, longer lasting erections. Put fresh slices of green apple next to the Almonds to hydrate your mouth and be ready to share a kiss with your partner anytime during the night.


2. Cranberry Sauce


 Cranberry sauce with dried figs is the ideal ingredient to increase your libido. It is not only rich in vitamin A but will also increase oxygen levels in your body, perfect to have great erections and last longer in bed during this holiday evening.


3. Deviled Eggs


Deviled eggs are a good source of vitamin B, a supplement recommended for people that have high levels of stress and premature ejaculation. This food can help you get more relaxed andless anxiousin bed.  Be cautious because we all know eggs can bring other gaseous surprises.


4. Celery And Fennel


Another way to improve your sexual performance that night is to go for celery and fennel. Celery contains androsterone, a potent male hormone that acts like a pheromone that can stimulate your female partner and influence her behavior. In addition, boost your libido by putting some fennel in your Thanksgiving diet to get the most of this special celebration.


5. Red Wine


Another reason to love red wine and have it on your dinner table is that it improves your sex drive and enhances your sexual performance. Red wine eases your nerves and stimulates your taste buds and sense of smell. Red wine has also been shown to provide health benefits that will help you control cholesterol levels and prevent CHD.


Remember, Thanksgiving is an opportunity to cheer for the goodies we have. Show your partner your love and gratitude while strengthening your relationship with these natural sex enhancers.


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