Science Proves Sex Is Good For Health


In recent weeks, a publication of the journal “Molecular Biology Evolution” has confirmed that sex is good for health. This conclusion was based by a scientific study which found that sex does not accumulate harmful mutations in genes which benefits and improves the health of the species.

Researchers have studied the evolutionary significance of sex, doing experiments on the “Oenothera” plant which is a genus of about 145 species of herbaceous flowering plants. It was found that only 30% of the species evolved to reproduce asexually.

Researcher in Charge,  Jesee Hollister of the University of Toronto , said that the results of the research allowed him to understand why different species go through the laborious process of sexual reproduction and why sex is so common and important.

It turns out that when species reproduce sexually; their genes are separated and recombined in new ways. This ensures that each offspring does not receive all mutations from their parents, in addition to those of natural origin.

Mathematically it was thought that the asexual reproduction sense because each parent can produce their own offspring and all genes are transmitted, unlike standard sexual unions which provide 50% of genes from each parent.

The results of the study showed that in asexual reproduction all mutations accumulate and are transmitted from generation to generation, making it ineffective evolutionarily speaking.

Hollister explains that when sexually reproducing species procreate, their genes are separated, shuffled and recombined in various ways so each offspring do not receive all mutations from their parents. The conclusion that the researcher has is, thanks to the study results have shown that sex is good for the health of all species, thus decreasing the risk of transmitting accumulated mutations, enabling us to compete in the environmental field.

Officially Science has said: “Long live sex!”