6 Expert’s Tips To Improve Your Sex Life



To improve your sex life we have put together the top 6 tips that will make your sex more interesting.

1. Carry On a Romantic Conversation

There are many women that are insecure about their bodies and the way they look, especially if they are naked. This insecurity can make them reluctant to explore and open to their partners when having sex. In this common situation, Dr. Debra Lynne Herbenick, argues that men can make a difference by communicating with their partner, expressing the attraction and highlighting the positive aspects of her body and mind. This will give her more confidence and will positively affect that romantic moment.

2.  Listening to Her Makes You Sexier

It is worth saying that many of the problems in relationships have to do with the fact that women do not feel heard. According to Dr. Helen E. Fisher, having conversations help to create a bond and trust which will lead to building sexual safety from both parts. In this way, you will support confidence in the relationship and will be able to tackle sex topics with her as a normal aspect of your life together.





What is L- Arginine?

L-Arginine is an amino acid necessary for the body to generate proteins and is converted to Nitric Oxide, the substance responsible for the dilation of the blood vessels in the penis. It is significantly used by bodybuilders and has also shown significant results in the prevention of diseases such as erectile dysfunction.

What Food Is L- Arginine Found in?


7 Things That A Man Should Not Do In Bed



1. Overlooking The Foreplay

Remember not to forget the foreplay, going straight to the point is the worst thing you can do. In previous articles, we have given several foreplay techniques for you to experiment as a couple. With foreplay you become more aware of your partner’s body and you’ll give her more security and confidence. (See erogenous zones of a woman).


2. Choosing The Same Position repeatedly

Clearly, there are positions that give us a lot of pleasure, but opting for the same position again and again not only makes sex boring, but the pleasure your partner experiences will start to decrease. Try different positions, take risks, you don’t need to jump off a trampoline or be an acrobat, small differences can be key when it comes to intimacy. Remember that women are often very sensitive and sometimes little things bring great pleasure to them. Sex is not only about one but the two of you.


Top 5 Erogenous Points Of A Woman’s Body

In this article we will show you the top 5 erogenous zones of a woman’s body. These areas lead to sexual arousal of your partner and have a high degree of sensitivity. So pay attention and put our advice into practice.

1. Neck


The neck is one of the most sensitive areas, by gently touching or kissing it you can awaken incredible sensations in the woman’s body. You can also try to explore the back of the neck and continue kissing or caressing the parts around it. In some cases, giving very small and gentle bites can raise the arousal levels in your partner.

2. Inner Thighs


The inner thighs have many nerve endings that make this area very sensitive. You should explore touching them gently, do not be afraid to give a few kisses there, you will definitely arouse uncontrollable pleasure in your partner.  Another advantage is that the inner thighs are very close to the genitals, using a little imagination and initiative you could slowly go up from the thighs to the intimate point you want.

3. Hair And Scalp




Sex And Paternity: The 6 Best Sex Positions During Pregnacy.



The topic of sexuality when a woman is pregnant is still a taboo subject nowadays. It’s important to learn about it and to talk to your doctor in order to follow the recommendations given by the specialist as pregnancy progresses.

There are many women who enjoy having more sex when they are pregnant, especially in the first stage of gestation. They can reach an orgasm more easily because their body is in a very strong hormonal transition and there is also more blood flow to the pelvic area, which helps build sexual desire and lubrication.

As a man you need to know what positions are the most desirable when it comes to being intimate with your pregnant companion. First thing, you should avoid positions that produce abdominal pressure. Secondly, be very careful and ensure she is as comfortable as possible, supported with pillows or cushions.

Thirdly, listen to her about the way she feels in certain positions and pay attention to her needs. Once you ensure everything feels right, you can practice these top 6 positions so you can both enjoy your sex life ​​without affecting the health of the baby.

1.  Spooning:

Both are lying on their sides, the woman’s back should touch the man’s chest. This position is one of the most advised during pregnancy since there will be no pressure on the woman’s breasts or abdomen. A doctor would advise the woman to not to lay on her right side because this would put pressure on the inferior vena cava, which is responsible for carrying blood from the lower part of the body to the heart. Keep this in mind when practicing this position.

2. Horizontal Head to Head:

Both are lying on their sides, face to face. There should be enough space between the torsos in order to not to push the woman’s belly. It’s a good position but the penetration is shallow.


Techniques And Tips To Be a Better Lover


1. Send Erotic Messages

It has been shown that women respond well to erotic messages, so don’t hesitate to throw a spark in your relationship.  When’s the last time you sent a sexy message showing your partner that you love her.




2. Provoking an Unexpected Passion

According to surveys, most women love when you surprise them the moment they get out of the shower.  When you see her getting out of the bach don’t hesitate to approach her with a warm, intense kiss.  Women love to feel desired, you can also add a nice gentle touch to her body because hot water makes the skin more sensitive.  Break the routine and be proactive.




3. Pay Attention To Your Touch


Is Casual Sex Immoral?




There are many stories throughout relating to the impact casual sex has had throughout history.  Stories involving people we know as well as public figures like presidents, athletes, actors, etc.. But why do these actions cause both repudiation and controversy in the society?

The website theatlantic.com released a very interesting article regarding this topic. In this article several investigations were mentioned. One is a study by researchers “Cornell and the University of New York” who conclude that “Casual sex is psychologically good for a person if that finds it acceptable, but not good if you do not find it acceptable.

There was also an article published in the journal “Archives of Sexual behavior” where they state that promiscuity in both women and men can be considered an attack on morality in contexts where women are economically dependent on their partners.

Furthermore another study was performed by researchers at the “Brunel University”, where they interviewed American subjects of various ages, religious beliefs and political convictions. They found that in all categories of test subjects where the people found it common for women to be financially dependent on men, these same people were the most negative to judge promiscuity amongst both sexes.


Saw Palmetto: Men’s Health and Sexual Desire


What is Saw Palmetto?

Saw Palmetto is an american plant also known as “Serenoa repens”, that produces fruit which is used in the medicine indutry. Saw Palmetto is originally from the southern coast of the United States.

Its fruit is formed by carbohydrates, resine, flavonoids, steroids and triglycerid oils.

What is Saw Palmetto used for?

Saw Palmetto is used as an herbal treatment for prostate problems, sexual dysfunction and respiratory diseases such as asthma and bronchitis.





It’s not a secret that penis size is a matter that concerns most men.  Viadine has been shown to create bigger, harder, longer lasting erections which ultimately lead to better performance.  Having the largest penis out there is not all that matters but don’t take our word for it. Let’s see what others have to say:

1. There are two types of penises. One kind expands and lengthens when becoming erect. The other appears big most of the time, but doesn’t get much bigger after achieving erection “

-Mike Zimmerman of “Men´s Health”


A misconception that most men have is that a large penis equates to better sex. In fact, men with large penises don’t always have great sexual performance, since the power or ability to maintain a firm and prolonged erection is not an attribute of the most gifted men in terms of size.


2.  “Female sensitivity has to do specifically with the clitoris. Unlike what many believe, the clitoris is not a small body, it extends into far into the female genitalia. This ends up being the main part the penis touches when introduced. Nature is wise: short and thin or long and thick penises end up near this sensitive part of the vagina, causing sexual arousal. “

-Carlos Kusnetzoff. Sexologist.


3.  85% of women surveyed were satisfied with the performance of their partners penis, while only 55% of men were happy with the size of their genitals.”

– Brithish Journal of Urology