Get a Big Bulge – Enhancement Underwear For Men

When we think of men’s underwear, normally what comes to mind is brands like Calvin Klein, which over the years have been synonymous with advertising campaigns that show muscular and well-endowed men strutting around half naked with a big bulge displayed front and center.

Now, looking “gifted” may be an effect which can be accomplished by choosing the appropriate underwear to give you the big bulge you want to have.  This list will discuss all the options that are available and what they will do to help you accentuate your natural appearance.

Man with a big bulge sitting on couch in underwear

Tighty Whitey Underwear –  Not Recommended

tighty whitey underwear depiction  Tighty whitey underwear in black


Good old faithful tighty whiteys, this refers to the common underwear market. This design tends to compress the entire genitals making them fall in between the legs. This causes the genitals to look flat and unflattering giving a smaller appearance.  If you are interested in having a striking effect or attractive underwear tighty whiteys are not recommended.


Rings and Straps 

underwear with a ring and snap to accentuate a big bulge   ring and snap underwear from the inside


This design basically adds a leash or collar on the inside of underwear, which is fantastic to highlight or raise the profile of your penis. The belt helps to push out the testicles removing them between the legs which makes both the penis and the testicles protrude to provide an appearance of a big bulge.

The ring is an elastic band that is added to the front inner bag and is usually attached to or is supplemented with elastic waist and is wrapped around the base of the penis and testicles. This ring also helps move the penis and testicles front and center to increase package size.


Panel of cloth Ring

underwear with a cloth ring to give a big bulge   underwear for a big bulge with a cut out