Techniques And Tips To Be a Better Lover


1. Send Erotic Messages

It has been shown that women respond well to erotic messages, so don’t hesitate to throw a spark in your relationship.  When’s the last time you sent a sexy message showing your partner that you love her.




2. Provoking an Unexpected Passion

According to surveys, most women love when you surprise them the moment they get out of the shower.  When you see her getting out of the bach don’t hesitate to approach her with a warm, intense kiss.  Women love to feel desired, you can also add a nice gentle touch to her body because hot water makes the skin more sensitive.  Break the routine and be proactive.




3. Pay Attention To Your Touch


Is Casual Sex Immoral?




There are many stories throughout relating to the impact casual sex has had throughout history.  Stories involving people we know as well as public figures like presidents, athletes, actors, etc.. But why do these actions cause both repudiation and controversy in the society?

The website released a very interesting article regarding this topic. In this article several investigations were mentioned. One is a study by researchers “Cornell and the University of New York” who conclude that “Casual sex is psychologically good for a person if that finds it acceptable, but not good if you do not find it acceptable.

There was also an article published in the journal “Archives of Sexual behavior” where they state that promiscuity in both women and men can be considered an attack on morality in contexts where women are economically dependent on their partners.

Furthermore another study was performed by researchers at the “Brunel University”, where they interviewed American subjects of various ages, religious beliefs and political convictions. They found that in all categories of test subjects where the people found it common for women to be financially dependent on men, these same people were the most negative to judge promiscuity amongst both sexes.