7 Foods That Make You Horny


Named after the Greek goddess of love, Aphrodite, the aphrodisiac has long been searched for and tried again and again. While there is no physical proof that these foods will excite sexual desire, there are proven side effects, like the ability to increase blood flow, that could lead to a hot roll in the hay. Here’s a list of 7 foods that make you horny. Don’t believe me? You will just have to try them out and see!


Oysters contain more zinc than any other food. Zinc plays a huge role in the production of testosterone. If you can’t seem to find the urges you once had, start with this magical shellfish.


Chocolate contains phenyl ethylamine (PEA), which is a stimulant of the central nervous system that is thought to help arouse sexual emotions. When downing the chocolate, feed some to your woman. Women love chocolate…and they love to be fed.


Eggs may not be the first thing you think about as aphrodisiacs, but they are very high in vitamin B5 and B6. B5 has a couple of functions. It’s a producer of cholesterol which encourages the body to produce testosterone. It also is key to producing red blood cells. B6 reduces the amount of estrogen in the body, thereby increasing testosterone levels. This vitamin also regulates the production of androgen which is vital to increasing testosterone levels.


Unless you are a diabetic, coffee is a great stimulant for blood flow. Not only will you feel more like getting busy, you trouser snake will stand at full attention. So unless caffeine makes you anxious, this is a good one to try.


High in potassium, bananas could bring your lust to the forefront. Potassium is critical in helping your heart contract and regulates plasma testosterone and could have a regular role in controlling androgens. Lack of potassium could be harmful to your sex drive. Deficiencies in mice showed a reduction in testicular testosterone.


The hard maker. Watermelon is high in the amino acid citrulline which is then converted into the amino acid arginine. It’s then converted to nitric oxide which dilates blood vessels. A rock solid choice.

Pomegranate Juice

Pomegranates are rich in antioxidants that support blood flow. A recent study by Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh notes that pomegranate juice increased testosterone by 24%, decreased blood pressure, and made noticeable mood improvements in males and females.

If you can find a way to work all of that into one dinner, then I’d say, you are in there like swimwear! But most likely the best option is to try them individually and see how you feel. One or more of these could feed all of your hard’s desire.


Get a Big Bulge – Enhancement Underwear For Men

When we think of men’s underwear, normally what comes to mind is brands like Calvin Klein, which over the years have been synonymous with advertising campaigns that show muscular and well-endowed men strutting around half naked with a big bulge displayed front and center.

Now, looking “gifted” may be an effect which can be accomplished by choosing the appropriate underwear to give you the big bulge you want to have.  This list will discuss all the options that are available and what they will do to help you accentuate your natural appearance.

Man with a big bulge sitting on couch in underwear

Tighty Whitey Underwear –  Not Recommended

tighty whitey underwear depiction  Tighty whitey underwear in black


Good old faithful tighty whiteys, this refers to the common underwear market. This design tends to compress the entire genitals making them fall in between the legs. This causes the genitals to look flat and unflattering giving a smaller appearance.  If you are interested in having a striking effect or attractive underwear tighty whiteys are not recommended.


Rings and Straps 

underwear with a ring and snap to accentuate a big bulge   ring and snap underwear from the inside


This design basically adds a leash or collar on the inside of underwear, which is fantastic to highlight or raise the profile of your penis. The belt helps to push out the testicles removing them between the legs which makes both the penis and the testicles protrude to provide an appearance of a big bulge.

The ring is an elastic band that is added to the front inner bag and is usually attached to or is supplemented with elastic waist and is wrapped around the base of the penis and testicles. This ring also helps move the penis and testicles front and center to increase package size.


Panel of cloth Ring

underwear with a cloth ring to give a big bulge   underwear for a big bulge with a cut out



Good Music And Good Sex



In several articles we have talked about the importance of using creativity and other elements to make sexual encounters unforgettable moments. This time we will talk about the relationship and synchronicity that we can have with your partner and your musical taste that can help lead to better sex.

Many people tend to empathize with their partners when they share the same musical taste and on occasion include the engaging element of music to supercharge their sexual experiences. This was studied by music psychologist Daniel Müllensiefen, the results were very exhilarating.  According to the results of one of his studies, over 40% of those who participated in the experiment of listening to music while practicing sex admit that this element increased sensory sex.

Sexual encounters involving rhythmic acts like music, where cycles of rising and falling excitation are presented, increase participation and enthusiasm.

Research done by Dr. Müllensiefen, which he called “Science Behind the song,” combined general information about cultural concepts and what neurological effects appear as selected by the genre of music at the time of sex.  Some of these conclusions were as follows:


Rock – Metal:

Including the rock music genre during a sexual encounter is very similar to the intoxicating effect of alcohol. It is related to stronger sex lovers and showed there was a greater production of testosterone in Male subjects and increased sex drive significantly.




Science Proves Sex Is Good For Health


In recent weeks, a publication of the journal “Molecular Biology Evolution” has confirmed that sex is good for health. This conclusion was based by a scientific study which found that sex does not accumulate harmful mutations in genes which benefits and improves the health of the species.

Researchers have studied the evolutionary significance of sex, doing experiments on the “Oenothera” plant which is a genus of about 145 species of herbaceous flowering plants. It was found that only 30% of the species evolved to reproduce asexually.

Researcher in Charge,  Jesee Hollister of the University of Toronto , said that the results of the research allowed him to understand why different species go through the laborious process of sexual reproduction and why sex is so common and important.

It turns out that when species reproduce sexually; their genes are separated and recombined in new ways. This ensures that each offspring does not receive all mutations from their parents, in addition to those of natural origin.

Mathematically it was thought that the asexual reproduction sense because each parent can produce their own offspring and all genes are transmitted, unlike standard sexual unions which provide 50% of genes from each parent.

The results of the study showed that in asexual reproduction all mutations accumulate and are transmitted from generation to generation, making it ineffective evolutionarily speaking.

Hollister explains that when sexually reproducing species procreate, their genes are separated, shuffled and recombined in various ways so each offspring do not receive all mutations from their parents. The conclusion that the researcher has is, thanks to the study results have shown that sex is good for the health of all species, thus decreasing the risk of transmitting accumulated mutations, enabling us to compete in the environmental field.

Officially Science has said: “Long live sex!”

Be A Viadine Man 2015


Holidays, dinners, parties and drinks have all had a dramatic effect on your waistline in 2014.  You might eat too much, or possibly have ignored exercise for too long.  As a side effect, sexual activity and performance tends to decrease.  How are you ever going to be motivated to lose the extra weight?  Well my friend, the solution begins today!


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What is Tongkat Ali?

 Tongkat Ali is a plant also known as “Eurycoma longifolia” or “Ginseng Malaya”, it is native to Indonesia and Malaysia but it can also be found in Thailand, Vietnam and Laos.

 Tongkat Ali contains active components such as “eurycomalacton, eurycomanon and eurycomano”. Scientific studies of these chemicals revealed several possible aphrodisiac uses.

 What are its benefits?

 Tongkat Ali is known for the following benefits:


  • Antioxidant properties capable of stopping free radicals that cause cell damage.
  • Increases and enhances production of the male hormone testosterone, helping to increase sexual performance.
  • Improves energy levels.
  • Improves blood circulation.

 The “British Journal of Sports Medicine” magazine reported on a study done with Tongkat Ali stating that the group of men who took the herb showed a 5% increase in muscle mass as opposed to those who did not take it.

This study showed the benefits of INCREASED testosterone production, which generated additional muscle mass. Some studies have also shown that Tongkat Ali helps provide a sense of wellbeing.

 Viadine’s new formula includes Tongkat Ali which has shown several positive benefits in men from a slight increase in muscle mass to improved sexual health.


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Spice Up your Thanksgiving Dinner with 5 Simple Ingredients

Thanksgiving is associated with family, friends and fattening delicious food. That’s why you may be surprised about the other benefits Thanksgiving dinner can bring to your relationship by using the right ingredients to take the feast to a higher level.

There are 5 ingredients that can spice up your Thanksgiving food in order to have a memorable celebration for you and your partner:

1. Almonds


Almonds are great snacks that can be included in your Thanksgiving dinner, they are well known libido boosters and sexual enhancers. Almonds contain L-Arginine, an amino acid that improves blood flowcreating harder, longer lasting erections. Put fresh slices of green apple next to the Almonds to hydrate your mouth and be ready to share a kiss with your partner anytime during the night.


2. Cranberry Sauce


 Cranberry sauce with dried figs is the ideal ingredient to increase your libido. It is not only rich in vitamin A but will also increase oxygen levels in your body, perfect to have great erections and last longer in bed during this holiday evening.


3. Deviled Eggs


Deviled eggs are a good source of vitamin B, a supplement recommended for people that have high levels of stress and premature ejaculation. This food can help you get more relaxed andless anxiousin bed.  Be cautious because we all know eggs can bring other gaseous surprises.


4. Celery And Fennel


Another way to improve your sexual performance that night is to go for celery and fennel. Celery contains androsterone, a potent male hormone that acts like a pheromone that can stimulate your female partner and influence her behavior. In addition, boost your libido by putting some fennel in your Thanksgiving diet to get the most of this special celebration.


5. Red Wine


Another reason to love red wine and have it on your dinner table is that it improves your sex drive and enhances your sexual performance. Red wine eases your nerves and stimulates your taste buds and sense of smell. Red wine has also been shown to provide health benefits that will help you control cholesterol levels and prevent CHD.


Remember, Thanksgiving is an opportunity to cheer for the goodies we have. Show your partner your love and gratitude while strengthening your relationship with these natural sex enhancers.


Viadine is the ultimate all natural, herbal male enhancement supplement. It is a safe alternative to over the counter medications as Viadine does not require a prescription.
Viadine has been shown to help:
 Improve erection size or firmness, ImProve sexual desire or libido, Improve self esteem, Improve sexual endurance, Improve testosterone levels.
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Yes, Being Overweight Affects Your Sex Life!



Definition of obesity

If we look up the definition of obesity it’s likely to find that overweight and fat are common denominators. Likewise, we will find that among the causes of obesity there is an imbalance between the amount of calories consumed and total calories expended, this means that the energy that is not used is stored in the form of fat, and having too much body fat can make you an obese person. This excess in body fat can be hazardous for your health, that’s why obesity is a well defined chronic disease.


Symptoms of Obesity

A symptom of obesity is when your body mass index (BMI) is 30 or higher. Calculate your body mass index dividing your weight in kilograms (kg) by your height in meters (m) squared. 

However, your BMI does’t apply only to measured body fat, there are some people that may have a BMI in the obese cathegory such as muscular athletes. That’s why there are other symptoms that can determine when a person is obese.

For example, your body measurementes will let you know if your body mass is pure muscle or just fat. If you have a waist circumference larger than or equal to 40 inches, you are most likely obese.

Lastly, If you have changes in your blood pressure or suffer from Sleep Apnea -on top of the aforementioned symptoms-, see your doctor to evaluate your health risks.


The Best Time To Exercise Your Body and Have Sex.


Did you know that the body has its own biological rhythm? It is called the Circadian Cycle and it determines our sleep patterns, diet, hormonal activity, cell regeneration and all brain activity. Therefore there are specific times when the body is more prepared for some activities.

The following are some tips shared byDr. Samuel Garcia “Gatorade Sports Science Institute, about the times of the day in which you can use this cycle to your advantage to perform specific activities better.

Circadian Cycle Performance by an average body:


2:00 a.m.: Deep sleep

4:30 a.m.: The body goes into the lowest body temperature. It experiences cold.

6:00 a.m.: The blood pressure rises. It is the best time to wake up!

6:45 a.m.: The body stops producing Melatonin (hormone that produces sleep).

8:30 a.m.: Bowel movements start.